slide06The eshop opens 3 times per year for 8 days and all members will receive an email advising of the opening date approximately a week before.

If you need any items you must order them in this 8 day window. Sorry but late orders cannot be considered.



Recent Changes to eShop Payment Process.

  • All orders are now postedPlease therefore add £3.30 to your order to cover cost of P&P.
  • Please pay at the time of your order whenever possible, otherwise I’ve found people have a tendency to forget. 
  • If your payment is not in the Clubs account within 72 hours of eShop closure your order will be cancelled without warning. It is up to you to ensure you have paid.

The items will be delivered to me by Kalas approximately 6+ weeks after the shop closes.  I will normally send the kit out within 5 working days of receipt.  Below is a reminder of how the system works.  Please read all the points carefully.

The  arrangements for ordering club kit from the Kalas SWRC eshop

  • To order items go to .  Enter the password.  This only works when the shop is open.
  • Don’t be put off by the colours used in the garment pictures. All kit will be produced in the club colours.
  • Check your size carefully using this link to Kalas Size charts If in doubt contact me with your measurements and I  will ask Kalas to adviseIf you order a size that doesn't fit you then Kalas will not take items back as they are club specific.  SWRC will also not have any responsibility to refund/change items but we will try to help wherever and if the item is not unusual may be able to take it into the clubs stocks for resale. 
  • The prices quoted on each items ‘shop front’ page do NOT include VAT and are what you will actually pay.  The club picks up the VAT.  An immediate 20% saving for you.  If in doubt about the price please contact me. Please do not make your own deductions from the total price, VAT is already deducted.**
  • Do make sure you complete/confirm your purchase.  If you haven’t got email confirmation of your order back from Kalas within a few minutes then somehow you have failed to complete the order. Try again.

If you do fail to complete the order by the closing date for any reason, then you will have to wait until the shop opens again in a further 4 months’ time to re-order. Kalas will not do ‘one offs’.

  • After you have placed your order with Kalas and received the confirmation email back then pay the “Total Price including VAT” quoted for your item(s) AND ADD  £3.30  post and packing via the club bank account. Please pay at the time of your order whenever possible.  Please be reassured this is actually the members price excluding VAT but is the only way Kalas can accommodate our unusual need for VAT free pricing.  I know its confusing!  Kalas send the club a separate invoice for the VAT. Do not make your own deductions.
  • Please note kit orders will not be confirmed to Kalas by SWRC until you have paid for it.  If your payment is not in the Clubs account within 72 hours of eShop closure your order will be cancelled without notice.  It is up to you to ensure you have paid and I will not be reminding you. 
  • All items will now be posted. Please add £3.30 to your clothing order total for P&P which you pay to SWRC as below, Please notify me of your total payment, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The clubs bank details are:  Account name – South Western Road Club,    Account no – 91057995,  Sort code – 40-42-09

Please reference with your surname + postcode if possible.

Roger (Leary),  Clothing Sec’ SWRC