The Club has 2 bike boxes for hire. The cost of hire is £3 per day of your holiday, paid using your credit/debit card through the Membership system. Set Quantity to number of days hire.

Please check availability below before booking. To book please complete the form below.

Please pay at time of requesting the booking, otherwise your booking cannot be secured.

Pay using Membermojo

Using the SWRC Bike Box Alan boxes

  1. Practice packing and re-assembly before departure day. You will need to get the pedals and bars off. Instructions are at  Easy way to remove pedals & Packing a bike box
  1. Undo the rear mech at the mech hanger (5mm Allen key) and wrap the mech in an old towel or bubble wrap (no need to remove the chain). Even in the bike box, if the mech is attached to the bike, the mech hanger can get bent. It takes just 60 secs and can save hours of grief later. Instructions are at Removing the Rear Mech
  1. Recommended: Surround bike parts (forks, stays, etc ) in foam pipe lagging to protect from scratches. Available at Amazon or plumbers merchants
  1. If you have disc brakes and/or thru’ axles , please review the content on this page. Disc Brakes & Thru Axles as otherwise you may find you arrive at your destination with bent rotors.

Generally hirers hold onto the box after their hire if they have available space.

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Club Runs

Club runs are advertised using the Spond app. Please contact Ride Leader to be added to relevant Ride Group

See Audax UK website for details of Audax Events

Club Nights with resume in Autumn 2022