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Club Rules

1. The club shall be known as the SOUTH WESTERN ROAD CLUB

2. Membership shall be permitted to all persons and consists of the following categories:

a) Senior member or Second Claim member
b) Junior member (under 18)
c) Family member
d) Life Member

All members are expected to assist at a Club event at least once per year.

4. All categories of members may hold office with full voting powers on Committee.

5. Subscriptions are due at the commencement of the club’s financial year from 1st November. All members and officers of the club, with the exception of Life members, shall pay club subscriptions. A member whose subscription is two calendar months in arrears shall be presumed to have resigned and shall cease forthwith to be entitled to any of the benefits of membership. Such a person may be reinstated only at the discretion of the Committee. Persons joining from 1st July to 30th September of any financial year shall pay only half the appropriate fee for that financial year. Membership fees paid by persons joining after 30th September shall cover such membership until the end of the following financial year.

Fees will be as follows:

Adult £25 + joining fee for new members

Adult (after 1st July) £12.50 + joining fee for new members

Second claim adult £25 + joining fee for new members

Family £30 + joining fee for new members

Junior £5

The joining fee is £20 and new members receive a voucher for a single short sleeved club jersey.

There is a late renewal payment of £15 for members who delay renewal until after 31st December, payable in addition to their subscription.

6. The club’s financial year shall be from 1st November to 31st October.

7. Club membership fees shall be determined by the club at the Annual General Meeting.

8. The officers of the club shall consist of:-

 President  1  Yes
 Vice President   No Restriction  Yes – 2 only
 Hon. Gen. Sec.   1  Yes
 Hon. Membership Sec.   1  Yes
 Hon. Treasurer   1  Yes
 Hon. Racing Sec.  1  No
 Hon. Club Runs Sec.  1  Yes
 Hon. Sportive Sec.   1  Yes
 Hon. Audax Sec.   1  Yes
 Hon. Ladies Sec.  1  Yes
 Hon. Webmaster  1  Yes
 Hon. Clothing Sec.  1  Yes
 Committee Members   2 *  Yes
 Hon. Auditor.   1  No

* Ideally one to be under 23 years of age, but if nobody under 23 is available the position shall be open to other members.

They shall be elected or re-elected annually and no person shall hold more than two offices at one time. From the Vice Presidents of the club, two will be elected annually to serve on the Committee in addition to any selected in a secretarial capacity. Club sponsors may attend Committee meetings.

9. The business of the club shall be in the hands of the Committee, which shall consist of officers of the club as listed as committee positions under rule 8 above. Each officer or committee member attending a meeting shall have one vote. A quorum shall be taken as four members excluding the chairperson, who may exercise a casting vote. A vacancy arising among the officers or Committee during the year of office may be filled by the Committee. The Committee, whose decision shall be final, will consider applications for membership of the club. The Committee shall meet as and when required, but not less than once in two months.

10. If an officer fails in the performance of his or her duties, a Special General Meeting may be called for the purpose of removing him or her from office.

11. The Hon. General Secretary shall call an Annual General Meeting each year, not later than 21st December, at a convenient time and place by giving not less than 21 days notice in writing to all club members, to receive the Annual Report and Audited Statement of Accounts, to elect officers and Committee of the club and to transact any other competent business. Any motion altering the rules or constitution of the club must be given to the Hon General Secretary at least ten days before the meeting and no such motion shall be considered unless at least three days notice of the motion in writing has been given to all members.

12. A Special General Meeting may be called by the Committee, giving not less than seven days notice in writing to all club members, stating the business for which the meeting is called. The Hon. General Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting at any time on receiving a requisition, signed by not less than one fifth of the club membership, stating the business for which the meeting is to be called. In the case of a member being expelled from the club, he shall have the right to appeal to a Special General Meeting upon application being made to the Hon. General Secretary within fourteen days of expulsion. A notice of expulsion shall have been deemed to have been received on the day following the posting of the notice. At a Special General Meeting, only the business for which the meeting is called shall be discussed and voted upon.

13. The Committee shall, at its discretion, (award/provide) financial assistance to members for participating in specific cycling (activities/events). The aggregate amount of funding will be determined by the committee at the beginning of each financial year. Members will be required to submit claims for funding to the committee for discussion and consideration. Decisions of the Committee shall be final and will be communicated to the member.

14. The interpretation of these rules lies with the Committee, and the decision of the Committee upon all matters not provided for by the rules shall be final and binding upon all concerned.



Suspended Events

All Club Rides and Club Nights are suspended in line with British Cycling and Cycling UK guidance until further notice due to Coronavirus while Surrey is in Tier 4

See Audax UK website for details of Audax Events