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SWRC has a fantastic range of club kit, with a recent re-design that has been very well received by our members.

SWRC New Club Kit Range 2021

SWRC New Club Kit Design 2021

Kalas Size Guide

We will be offering the kit at 'pre-VAT' prices, i.e. a 20% discount to the price we pay our supplier. We also offer free P&P on all orders.

The Store

  • The store opens ~ 3 times per year for 2 weeks. Members will be advised by email of store opening/closing dates.
  • Please select the items from the store at
  • The prices are listed below. Members pay on check-out with a credit/debit card.

Kit Range

  • Kalas offer items in both men's and women’s fit and size.
  • Please check the size guide (or get sizing from your current Kalas club kit).
  • We are offering jersey and bib shorts from Kalas’ Active and Elite range to suit taste, fit, and budget. Long bib tights and gilets are only available from the Elite range.
  • The accessory items are subject to a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). We will only list these once each year so that hopefully total demand exceeds the MOQ. If we don’t hit the MOQ, then we will cancel that part of your order and refund back to your card.

Sizing & Returns Policy

Please be aware that all ordered items are club specific, so if you order an item that does not suit you for any reason then Kalas will NOT offer any refunds. We will offer a “bulletin board” for members to sell/swap items to other members if there are issues kit sizes. The Club will NOT provide refunds. Kalas Size Guide is accurate, but assumes an “slim athletic” body shape. The ACTIVE range are more stretchy and forgiving than the Elite range. If you’re in doubt, please try another members’ similar item. If you’re at the upper end of a range, go to the higher size. So measure, be honest, and not too optimistic!

Kalas offer a 2 year guarantee on their clothing with a 'fair use' clause. Kalas have always been very responsive to problems when we have made claims on behalf of members. If you should get a problem please contact the Clothing Secretary who will take it up with Kalas.


Our supplier, Kalas typically has ~ 3 month lead-time. We will despatch to you as soon as we receive them. Items will be despatched to your address in the membermojo database.

New Members

Members who joined this year, who have not already received a free Jersey, should place their order through the store for the New Member Jersey at the top of the Store List. This will not be charged for. The club will contact those members by email separately to ensure they are aware of their free jersey entitlement.

Price List

Item S/S= Short Sleeve, L/S = Long Sleeve




Jersey S/S ACTIVE 06 | Devan

£ 36.00

Jersey L/S ACTIVE 06 | Flanders

£ 47.50

Bib shorts ARCO-ACTIVE 12 | Lycra

£ 43.00



Jersey S/S ELITE 50 | Spinn

£ 42.50


£ 52.00

Bib shorts ARCO-ELITE 49 | Lycra POWER

£ 56.50

Bib tights ARCO-ELITE 48 | ROUBAIX

£ 71.00

Gilet ELITE 05 | W&W Mission Flow

£ 59.90

ACCESSORIES - Not on sale until 2022 due to Minimum Order Qty


ARM warmers ACTIVE 04 | LYCRA

£ 14.00

Summer cap ACTIVE 01 | PES X4

£ 11.90



Limited Resumption of Club Runs

There is a limited resumption of club runs using the Spond app from 29 March

See Audax UK website for details of Audax Events

Club Nights are still suspended