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The Club Committee are delighted to announce that our new Club Kit is available to order. We have spent many months refining the design of the kit

SWRC New Club Kit 2020

We will be offering the kit at ~ 50% of retail price (inc. VAT) (to the nearest £) and providing free P&P for the next 2 shop openings – now (Aug/Sept 2020) and March 2021, subject to a maximum subsidy of £50 per member. That is equivalent to 2 year’s of Adult membership, so a great bargain.

After this we will revert to a 20% discount, saving you the VAT, so this is your opportunity to buy a new range of club kit items at a great price, and show our new club kit off on your rides.

How the subsidy works

  • If you buy item(s) that cost us £60, we will charge you £30 (subsidy £30)
  • If you buy item(s) costing £150, we will charge you £100 (because the maximum subsidy is £50).

The Store

  • Please select the items from the store at This has no prices listed due to the subsidy arrangement. The prices are listed below. (We will not use the Kalas store due to the subsidy).
  • An invoice will be emailed to you to pay by credit/debit card within a few days of your order.
  • The store will stay open from now until 10th September, and then there will be a further 1 week to pay.
  • If you order items and then fail to pay by 17th Sept, your order will be cancelled. We will try to chase up those who have not paid, but the responsibility is yours.

Kit Range

  • Kalas offer items in both men's and women’s fit and size.
  • Please check the size guide (or get sizing from your current Kalas club kit).
  • We are offering Short Sleeve Jerseys, Long Sleeve Jerseys, Bib Shorts and Gilets from both Kalas’ Active and Pro/Elite ranges to suit budgets.
  • Unfortunately Kalas only offer Long Bib Tights from their Pro range, so we have included only one choice from that range.
  • We hope to offer other items (e.g. gloves, arm warmers, socks) at a later date.

Please do be aware that because all ordered items are club specific, if you order an item that does not suit you for any reason then Kalas will NOT offer any refunds. In many cases the club will try to find a solution for you but we cannot guarantee to re-imburse you.

Its good to know that Kalas offer a 2 year guarantee on their clothing, though with a 'fair use' clause.  Kalas have always been very responsive to problems when we have made claims on behalf of members.  Therefore if you should get a problem please contact the Clothing Secretary who will take it up with Kalas.

Please note that the kit design pdf shows what appear to be arm-warmers beside the short-sleeve jersey. They’re not arm-warmers, they are the side panels to the jersey!

When will it be delivered

We hope that kit will be dispatched to you before end of October but we are dependent on our supplier. Items will be despatched to your address in the membermojo database. Collection is not an option.

New Members

Members who joined this year should place their order through the store for the New Member Jersey (designated ** below). This will not be charged for. I will contact those members by email separately to ensure they are aware of their free jersey entitlement.

Price List

Item S/S= Short Sleeve, L/S = Long Sleeve

Kalas Price (inc VAT)

Price to members (with cap of £50 subsidy)



Jersey S/S ACTIVE 04 | Devan(**)

£ 40.80

£ 20.00

Jersey L/S ACTIVE 30 | Flanders

£ 52.80

£ 26.00

Bib shorts ACTIVE 12 | Lycra

£ 52.20

£ 26.00

Gilet ACTIVE 02 | MicroFiber/Net

£ 42.60

£ 21.00



Jersey S/S PRO 02 | Vector

£ 77.40

£ 39.00

Jersey S/S PRO 29 | Razor

£ 87.60

£ 44.00

Jersey L/S PRO 79 | Elastico Thermo

£ 90.60

£ 45.00

Bib shorts PRO 12 | VeranoFlex X9| MEN

£ 103.20

£ 52.00

Bib shorts PRO 04 | VeranoFlex X9 |WOMEN

£ 103.20

£ 52.00

Bib tights PRO 70 | W&W RainMem X3| MEN

£ 150.60

£ 75.00

Bib tights PRO 83 | W&W RainMem X3 | WOMEN

£ 150.60

£ 75.00

Gilet PRO 20 | W&W STRATOS

£ 77.88

£ 39.00

(**) New Member Jersey

Any Questions

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download Links

And finally…

We are indebted to Paul Alderson for the kit design and Roger Leary for his perseverance in helping us select the best design. 



Suspended Events

All Club Rides and Club Nights are suspended in line with British Cycling and Cycling UK guidance until further notice due to Coronavirus while Surrey is in Tier 4

See Audax UK website for details of Audax Events