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Important News  28/08/2019

As many of you will know the club is in the process of updating our kit.  Its a design thats been around for 10 years and the recent survey of the membership showed a clear desire for change.  Presently 2 designers are coming up with possible new designs.  The new kit is not expected to be finalised until the end of November 2019 at the earliest.  The eshop will remain closed until then.

Other good news is that when the new kit is made available the Committee have agreed to make a significant subsidy for members who wish to purchase a new jersey.  Also in future the club will pay postage and packing charges, saving members £3.30 each.  More details will follow.

The Clothing Secretary will inform you all when the eshop will reopen. 


To order your Club Kit visit the Southern Western Road Club page on the Kalas Sportswear website (link below).  The eshop opens 3 times per year. All members will be notified by email a week before.   The club pays the VAT on any item of kit purchased through the Kalas eshop by members – an immediate 20% saving for you.

The following links gives the present guidance for using the SWRC eShop: 

eShop Instructions

Order  your Club Kit

The eshop will next open on:  


Clothing Size Guide


What Kit is Available?
As a club, cycling through the lanes of Surrey, we are more likely to gain  care and respect from other road users if we look smart and uniform. It would therefore be much appreciated if members could appear at club runs in  current club kit wherever possible.

We now stock only a very small number of our own short sleeve jerseys, primarily for new members.

Short Sleeve SWRC Jersey – is in club colours with three large back pockets. Club name on front and back. Only current SWRC members may purchase club kit. Newly joining members receive a short sleeve jersey as part of their first year membership.

From 2017 members have been able to order a much wider range of club kit online via the Kalas/SWRC eshop.  The shop is open 3 x per year for about 8 days each time. Kit cannot be ordered at other times than this. Members will be notified closer to the time by email of the exact dates and this will also remind you how to access and use the site. Orders take approximately 6 weeks to be delivered. You can get some idea of items available for men and women at their custom site here:  KALAS Custom.  Please note only some of these items are available in the SWRC shop as Kalas limit the number of items we can choose to put in the shop.

The shop contains a large number of items but if a member is looking for a more unusual item not shown, e.g. a skin suit, you can contact the Clothing Secretary, via this website and see if Kalas can supply it. Please do be aware that because all ordered items are club specific, if you order an item that does not suit you for any reason then Kalas will NOT offer any refunds. In many cases the club will try to find a solution for you but we cannot guarantee to re-imburse you.

Its good to know that Kalas offer a 2 year guarantee on their clothing, though with a 'fair use' clause.  Kalas have always been very responsive to problems when we have made claims on behalf of members.  Therefore if you should get a problem please contact the Clothing Secretary who will take it up with Kalas.

Please note that all kit is now posted out to members.  Collection is not an option.  

The Clothing Secretary  attends most Club Nights so this can be a good time to to discuss any special requests or problems with clothing.  

You should also note that members must wear the registered club jersey in any recognized cycle race sanctioned by a governing body e.g. British Cycling, Cycling Time Trials, League of Veteran Racing Cyclists, Surrey League etc.

The Clothing Secretary will deal with your queries and can be contacted at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Current Kit Design - 

The present kit is no longer available.  The images are shown simply for interest.

Click image for a larger view

SWRC Club Kit
SWRC Club Kit
SWRC Club Kit
SWRC Club Kit
SWRC Club Kit


Clothing Size Guide


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All Club Rides and Club Nights are suspended in line with British Cycling and Cycling UK guidance until further notice due to Coronavirus

All Audax Events have been cancelled by Audax UK